The Final Countdown

It is only 25 days since I wrote this and said I’d be sticking with Twitter until the bitter end and it burned down around me. Well it is still shambling along like a grounded zombie bird but it really is started to come apart at the seams – and the Muskrat has managed to somehow underperform the rockbottom expectations I had for him.

So I’ve decided that 2023 will be the year I retreat fully from Twitter. I’ll leave my account there – but protected – and delete the app from my phone, sign out from the browser and choose some crazy new password that I don’t save in my password manager so I’d have to go through the whole rigmarole of setting a new one to log in. It is so much a part of my routine and identity that even this might not break my attachment to it but it should help.

I’m giving Tumblr a go again – about a decade plus since I last used it (still had a working account!) – – and of course I have my newsletter – – where I’ll continue to share jobs, interesting links and promote things I write on this blog. I was also wondering about just setting up a Google Groups / Usenet / email type community. Absolutely zero thrills where people could promote jobs, events, blogposts or just recommend TV shows or whatever.

You have to kind of admire him – I know the bird site was already a shambles but to do this much damage in only one month is remarkable. Maybe he really is a genius.

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