Despite just yesterday saying on this very blog I was going to try and make something happen on Post.News I have today found myself giving in to my FOMO and creating a new account on a Mastodon server. I had a ‘legacy’ account from a few years ago but I decided if I was going to do this I wanted to start afresh on a smaller server – one that someone I know and respect is running – and be a bit more deliberate and careful about building my community.

I still don’t think Mastodon is the answer but maybe it is a stepping stone on the way towards one – anyway I realised that is where my community has gone for the time being and that my mental health would suffer without them.

So I am –>

(not the .social one)

..and it will be my usual mix of digital gov, agile and product management, Christmas jumpers and lights, promoting my blog posts and jobs newsletter, shouting at the football/rugby, comics, TV, Adidas trainers, moaning about public transport – you know – the good stuff 😀

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