Week 46/52

I’ve got some shit going on workwise so my weeknoting is pretty crippled for the time being but some other stuff happened →

  • I booked a venue for our next Product for the People unconference. It will be in Cardiff in late June. It takes some of the feedback Steve blogged about into account so that is a win. Very excited about it.

  • My talk proposal for Agile in the City: Bristol-ish got accepted. It is titled ‘Product Management is 90% comms, 90% of the time’ and I am very excited to get into writing it.

  • I received my copy of ‘The Service Organization’ by Kate Tarling. Just skimmed it so far but I can already confirm it is going to be a book I share with many, many people.

  • Very much enjoyed Lockwood & Co on Netflix. Didn’t know anything about the books and mainly started watching as the wife of someone I know was a writer on it. Very glad I did – and I am a HARD sell on UK based fantasy stuff.

  • Wakanda Forever was great if far too long. The way they handled the grief of Chadwick Boseman passing was beautiful and I really liked the way they dealt with Namor as a character. He was different from the comics but shared so much of the characterisation – an arrogant but noble asshole.

  • I’ve been publishing a lot of lists. My favourite TV, songs, comics and rappers so far. There are more to come – plus a retrospective of my 40s.

  • LOVE the Raye album – been listening on repeat all day.

  • The Fletch novels are some of my all time favourites and I love the original Chevy Chase movie so I was excited to watch the new Confess, Fletch film. It is fine – Jon Hamm is wonderful as I.M.Fletcher himself but the rest of it is pretty low key and never lives up to the central premise or the possibilities. 

  • My OKRs post continues to be popular and our work on a new planning approach and consistent roadmaps is going really well. Still plenty to do but I’m feeling good about it. Gosh I wish people would stop saying roadmap when they mean plan though.

Okay that is plenty. I’m going to have another beer.

Happy weekend folks.

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