Week 49/52

Today is a much needed non-working day here at Jukesie Towers. It has been quite the four day week so it feels much appreciated. For the most part I’ve been lucky these last six months with very few totally manic back to back meeting days – this week however was a bit of a perfect storm and I found myself with three really full on days – lots of back to back meetings where I was on the hook to contribute or drive things. Truth be told I lacked a bit of match fitness. A day trip to London with a slightly earlier start and later finish contributed as well.

Anyway I was lead assessor for a Service Assessment for another – connected – Department which as usual is taking a bit more time to tidy up and close down than the actual four hours of the assessment itself. It was another good one though – the team had done a lot of great work and were prepared, engaged and enthusiastic throughout – not always easy over that length of time – and I had a really good panel.

It is always more of a commitment than I remember though somehow! Ensuring that everybody gets what they need out of the process takes time but I believe in the importance of the assessments both as peer review and providing teams with the levers that they need (as well as the element of quality control) and that takes time to get right.

I also did a short presentation to our Senior Management Team just to get the greenlight on finally ‘launching’ our new DDaT wide planning process. I got some really useful feedback, made a couple of last minute tweaks and actually announced it at our all DDaT huddle that afternoon. I don’t think it is anything radical – in places it is streamlining a previous approach and elsewhere it is requiring more openness and some common artefacts but fingers crossed it lands okay. I’m actually really pleased with the shape of it – I think it is some of my most thoughtful work (which may be a low bar!)

The latest recruitment campaign for Product Managers to join us at Department to be Named Later launched on Monday. Look I know I am biased but I really think this is a great place to do public service style product work. Sure we have challenges but we have some great people, a really friendly and generous community, people with different perspectives and experiences, strong and supportive leadership plus – well – me! While that might actually put some of you off I can say I am really enjoying things here and I have big plans (and the budget) to help all our product people get the chance to succeed (according to their own definitions of success!).

This afternoon at age 49 years and 48 weeks I am getting my first tattoo. This feels like a mid-life crisis moment writ large but I guess cliches are cliches for a reason! It isn’t even a particularly small undertaking for my debut and I’m a bit scared but I guess I’ll grit my teeth and see how I get on!

I’ve raised over 300 quid for Caring in Bristol so far via my birthday fundraiser – I appreciate folks being so generous. My goal is £500 and I still have a month 🙂

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