Week 51/52

This has been a bit of a weird week if I am honest. I’ve felt a bit off balance and out of sorts more often than not and had a bit of a wobble with my anxiety yesterday morning for the first time in quite a while. Really had me discombobulated and just in time for a pretty full-on meeting where I was facilitating a chunk of it. That really drained what was left of my emotional/mental battery. I’ve also had a couple of moments where I was more than a bit hyper which is something new!

There are a couple of things going on that have caused me some greater than usual stress and contributed to some disturbed nights dwelling on them but on the other hand we’ve had a couple of decent successes – particularly in the recent recruitment campaign (and after reading that 37% of Gov DDaT recruitment campaigns fail I’m hoping that continues and we buck the trend!).

My self-care has been a bit crap since the start of the year – I’ve been drinking too much, eating too much sugar and not getting out enough for walks. I’ve been better on the first two the last couple of weeks but I’m still not getting outside enough and this weeks weather didn’t help. Also I realised I really do need a break to recharge my batteries – six months without a holiday is a long time for me now I’d adjusted to being someone who takes time off!

Anyway it is Friday and it is in-theory my non working day though of course some work has bled in. I’m still feeling a bit unsteady but nothing too bad and am looking forward to the weekend.

I’m thinking about having a birthday drink at the Feathers in London on the 22nd if anyone is around. Probably be there from about 17.30. It won’t be a late one though – those days are gone and what capacity I have left for that needs to be saved for the 25th and my primary night out!

I binged Fleishman Is in Trouble this week. I have mixed feelings about it if I’m honest. There was a lot that was clever and funny in the mix but also a lot that was irritating and annoying. It portrayed such a particular, sheltered bubble of New York (and I realise that was the point) that you couldn’t really root for anybody. Though that might be a me-thing as I really can’t abide Jesse Eisenberg as an actor…but I love Claire Danes, Lizzy Caplan and Adam Brody and the three of them balanced it out (and it took all three!).

I enjoyed PayGapBot and Sharon doing her analogue version on IWD. It is one of those very weird events on social media – like Pride – that encourages an awful lot of brands and businesses to partake in performative nonsense that they can’t back up and will inevitably be called out and yet they persist year after year. It seems to sour things for everyone but maybe that is just my corner of the social media maelstrom.

It did inspire me to create a playlist of all my current favourite songs by women to balance out all my UK rap stuff I’ve been listening to lately which with the exception of Simz is very blokey.

Oh and I spent the weekend adding even more book storage to my tiny flat – it has now tipped over to something more akin to a comic book store with a side hustle in street art books and prints! It is undeniably an extension of me though.

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