Category: information management

  • G-Cloud and the end of the #unacceptable

    This talk from Chris Chant, who is leading the Governments G-Cloud initiative, has been around a few weeks now (and has even spawned its own #unacceptable hashtag) but it remains a powerful indictment of the state of IT in the public sector and from a personal point of view it could almost be talking about […]

  • Getting to Grips with Google Analytics

    I’ve been using Google Analytics on various websites I’ve worked on since..well since before it was Google Analytics (GA).  I actually was a paying customer of Urchin before GOOG swallowed them up back in 2005.  Before then I’d mainly been using WebTrends and I think AWStats (though that might have come later?) and while I […]

  • Seeking Open Content Management Systems

    So after a couple of years of strictly being a CMS user it looks likely that 2011 will be the year I get properly sucked back into the web content management system(s) black hole. There is every chance I’ll be leading a project to implement a new CMS and subsequently take the opportunity to refresh […]

  • Investigating Intranets?

    So what do I need to know about intranet technology these days then? [I have a whole different post about IA, content etc!] Before I was ever a Web Manager I had a job where my title was Intranet Operations Manager – though as this was the late 90s this didn’t really amount to much […]

  • Statto..

    Stuart over at OSS Watch recently wrote a post about how OSS Watch measure ‘buzz’ around there activities.  This sent me off on a little bit of a tangent as I started to give a little thought to the tools we use at JISC to monitor the impact of our website (and when I say […]