G-Cloud and the end of the #unacceptable

This talk from Chris Chant, who is leading the Governments G-Cloud initiative, has been around a few weeks now (and has even spawned its own #unacceptable hashtag) but it remains a powerful indictment of the state of IT in the public sector and from a personal point of view it could almost be talking about things I deal with daily (though my PC takes 8 minutes to startup currently!).

Chris has since written a couple of additional posts on the GDS blog outlining what his team is trying to achieve and encouraging more SMEs to become part of the solution.

If I am honest I initially though ‘G-Cloud’ sounded like a gimmick and the idea of an ‘app store for Government’ filled me with dread but the reality that is emerging actually gives me hope for the future. A shift to shorter contracts, commodity computing and moving away from a ‘not invented here’ mentality could really make a massive positive impact. In terms of the areas I am most interested in it could also finally prevent us from watching the digital world pass us by while we are stuck with products that can no longer cope with the most basic of current expectations (like a CMS that can’t embed video!).

I still think there is a whole generation of CIOs, IT Directors etc who will find the whole G-Cloud idea insane and it will be so far out of some comfort zones as to never be considered unless mandatory but hopefully the fact it is happening and being discussed in such a forthright manner will mean real change is around the corner and hopefully that change will extend further than Whitehall!


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  1. […] I know these projects are difficult and am certainly not in the ‘could have done it for 20k’ crowd. I have spent the best part of 2012 working my way through a public sector CMS project of comparable scale (though not complexity) and think the site itself is pretty good. It seems stable (I imagine it had some traffic spikes during the Mayoral stuff and the recent bad weather) and is pretty focused on user needs compared to alot of local government sites I’ve seen. The problem is that the cost and way of doing business falls firmly into what Chris Chant called ‘unacceptable’. […]

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