Tag: 2015

  • Yet another year in numbers post :)

    I have been enjoying the various year in numbers posts doing the rounds so here is a personal one. This year I.. Wrote 102 posts split over 3 different blogs Gave 52 interviews for 7 jobs Spoke at 4 conferences Gave 7 internal talks Tweeted 112,444 words* (by mid December) Caught the train 376 times […]

  • The Famous Five: my top five NEW comic collections released in 2015

    A quick browse of my shelfs and a check on release dates and I have come up with a top five new collections for 2015. Lots of other great books are still going strong — Saga, East is West, Velvet, Southern Bastards, The Wicked and the Divine, Uber, Lazarus, Black Science, Deadly Class, Daredevil, Elephantmen, Ms Marvel […]