Yet another year in numbers post :)

I have been enjoying the various year in numbers posts doing the rounds so here is a personal one.

This year I..

Wrote 102 posts split over 3 different blogs

Gave 52 interviews for 7 jobs

Spoke at 4 conferences

Gave 7 internal talks

Tweeted 112,444 words* (by mid December)

Caught the train 376 times including Eurostar for the first time

Only took 1 flight (albeit to Texas)

Attended approximately 125 stand-ups and 10 retrospectives

Sent 3,031 messages in Slack

Read 51 books — with time to get to 52 this year.

…all in all it has been quite a year.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me over the last 12 months — especially my amazing team. 2016 is going to be a big year for us but hopefully everyone enjoys their downtime.

Merry Christmas.

*according to ThinkUp

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