The why of weeknotes

A little research suggests the first time I came across a #weeknote was August 5th, 2009. It was written by Matt Webb and I think it was probably on the Schulze & Webb website before they became BERG (thanks, I seem to remember, to a conversation with Warren Ellis about the ‘British Experimental Rocket Group’…… Continue reading The why of weeknotes

whither Web of Words

I’ve been circling around an idea for an event about blogs and blogging for a couple of years now. I wrote about it back in early 2014 and despite some shenanigans have managed to hold on to the domain for even longer. 2015 seemed like a bit of a comeback for individuals publishing on…… Continue reading whither Web of Words

Ghost writing

I’ve been ‘umming and ahhing’ about it for a while but yesterday I finally got around to backing Ghost on Kickstarter. For those of you that aren’t aware of it Ghost is aiming to be; An open source blogging platform which makes writing pleasurable and publishing simple. The basic premise is that WordPress has become…… Continue reading Ghost writing