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  • Internet of Public Service Jobs — 05/06/16

    ‘Internet of Public Service jobs’ is a weekly list of vacancies related to product management, user experience, development and design in…you guessed it…the ‘internet of public service’ curated by @jukesie every Sunday. This is something of a banner week as only one of the jobs I have spotted has to be London (their are a […]

  • Top ten #jukesiejobs 31/01/16

    January is often an interesting time for interesting jobs to get advertised and this year that has certainly been the case in my little corner of the digital world. The CPS job is a real doozy and the Dyson one is a bit of a wild card but intriguing. Have at them. Director of Digital […]

  • Innovate or sigh: are ‘labs’ helpful?

    The ONS was in the news again recently and while the website got away unscathed for a change it didn’t make for comfortable reading. The criticism from Andrew Tyrie, the chairman of the Treasury select committee, follows on from the initial findings of the Bean Review into Economic Statistics which while even handed was itself […]