Helping Gatekeepers become Transformers

In my years doing this ‘digital transformation’ lark (and call it whatever you like — you know what I mean if you are reading this!) I have totally embraced this idea that it is about the people and not the technology. That said not all people are created equal and increasingly I’ve realised that (at least at…… Continue reading Helping Gatekeepers become Transformers

myWeek (s4e16)

The grape depression Gentle reader let me be honest. Monday was bad. The kind of hangover that makes you rethink decades of decisions. The kind of day where the idea of being vertical sounds like a fairy tale told to scare children. Where any food of nutritional value was worthless and ignored. It had an…… Continue reading myWeek (s4e16)

Kindle Backlog 2017

I’ve just done a trawl through my Kindle ‘library’ and have identified 30 books that languish unread (or never read beyond a tiny percentage) and they are all books that I have, at some point, really wanted to read. So my new mission for 2017 is to clear this backlog. I’ve just started ‘Empire Games’…… Continue reading Kindle Backlog 2017