Kindle Backlog 2017

I’ve just done a trawl through my Kindle ‘library’ and have identified 30 books that languish unread (or never read beyond a tiny percentage) and they are all books that I have, at some point, really wanted to read. So my new mission for 2017 is to clear this backlog. I’ve just started ‘Empire Games’ by Charlie Stross (which isn’t on the list) and tomorrow will also start ‘Lean UX for Start-ups’ by Laura Klein [20] as I try to have fiction and non-fiction books on the go in parallel.

Going to try not to buy anything new until the list is cleared (though I have pre-ordered a few things). Any recommendations for which books from the list to tackle next?

There is now a Trello board to monitor my progress!

  1. 10 Rules of Writing- Elmore Leonard
  2. And the Sun Shines Now — Adrian Tempany
  3. The Art of the Publisher — Roberto Calasso
  4. Bitter Sixteen — Stefan Mohamed
  5. Brat Pack America — Kevin Smokler
  6. Broken Monsters — Lauren Beukes
  7. The Circle — Dave Eggers
  8. The Corporation Wars: Dissidence — Ken Macleod
  9. Distraction Pieces — Scroobious Pip
  10. Dodgers — Bill Beverley
  11. Drive — Daniel Pink
  12. The Forsaken — Ace Atkins
  13. The Fractal Prince — Hannu Rajaniemi
  14. From Arrogance to Intimacy — Andy Williamson and Martin Sande
  15. Futuristic Violence & Fancy Suits — David Wong
  16. Invasive — Chuck Wendig
  17. Leading — Alex Ferguson
  18. Lean Analytics — Alistair Croll and Benjamin Yoskovitz
  19. Lean UX — Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden
  20. Lean UX for Startups — Laura Klein
  21. Now for Then — Ben Hammersley
  22. On Writing — Stephen King
  23. The Open Organisation — James M. Whitehurst
  24. Pocket Guide to Interviewing for Research — Andrew Travers
  25. The Sense of Style — Steven Pinker
  26. South — Frank Owen
  27. Team of Teams — General McChrystal
  28. Tigerman — Nick Harkaway
  29. The Utopia of Rules — David Graeber
  30. Zoo City — Lauren Beukes

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