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  • This one goes to 11.

    This one goes to 11. This weeks list includes a hat-trick of brilliant looking jobs at the Wellcome Trust and Lead Product Management roles at three high profile GDS projects (GOV.UK, Government as a Platform and Verify!) Not too shabby. Plus a couple of interesting data science gigs — still the hot ticket it seems. Oh and a […]

  • Yet another year in numbers post :)

    I have been enjoying the various year in numbers posts doing the rounds so here is a personal one. This year I.. Wrote 102 posts split over 3 different blogs Gave 52 interviews for 7 jobs Spoke at 4 conferences Gave 7 internal talks Tweeted 112,444 words* (by mid December) Caught the train 376 times […]

  • Jobs I found interesting this week

    20th December 2015 Digital Service ManagersOffice for National StatisticsView job ad Sheffield Development HubHome OfficeView job ad Digital Transformation Project ManagerEU Business Growth HubView job ad Director of Digital EngagementUniversity of LincolnView job ad Head of Customers, Communication and MarketingDenbighshire County CouncilView job ad User Experience OfficerVSOView job ad Senior Product ManagerCitizens AdviceView job ad Digital […]

  • 19 problems & Github ain’t one..

    Ben Balter has the rather impressive job title of ‘Government Evangelist’ at Github. He was one of the original Presidential Innovation Fellows in the U.S. and been a vocal advocate for a move towards a more digital by default federal government from within the White House and in his time at Github. He knows of […]