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  • Reviewing ‘Internet of Public Service Jobs’

    Nine months of newslettering I’ve been doing my weekly jobs newsletter for nine months — though as a series of blogposts it is a couple of years old now. Moving it to email has been an interesting experience. Somehow email feels more personal — the act of sending it to people rather than just publishing it on the web […]

  • The Excess of Email

    This post was inspired by the growing exasperation with email from a former boss who seems close to tracking down and inflicting harm on the creator of Outlook365 (you know who you are!). It got me thinking about my own situation. I have surrendered and accepted defeat in my long war with email. After years […]

  • Playing with Posterous

    Posterous got Techcrunched over the weekend and it sounded pretty interesting so I had a bit of a play with it and have to admit I was impressed. Posterous is the latest entry into the micoblogging world but its real beauty is in its simplicity.  It has the easiest signup procedure I’ve ever encountered and […]