Playing with Posterous

Posterous got Techcrunched over the weekend and it sounded pretty interesting so I had a bit of a play with it and have to admit I was impressed.

Posterous is the latest entry into the micoblogging world but its real beauty is in its simplicity.  It has the easiest signup procedure I’ve ever encountered and the entire application is based on email.  Not one of those crazy ‘unique’ emails you usually get to update your blog via email – just and thats all it takes.  This will make it extremely easy to use from a mobile device which is essential for any kind of microblogging service I think.

Its greatest feature though is how it handles email attachments – its automatically embeds them into the post either as Scribd iPaper in the case of office docs or jpegs in the case of pictures.  It works great and I can imagine alot of people will find interesting uses for it.

I’d like it to have a few more options to customize it I guess – nothing to extensive but I appreciate the ability to be able to personalise my Twitter homepage and something similar here would be cool – also a Tumblr like facility to map your own domain would be great (maybe these will be future pay options).

Anyway I think Posterous is pretty cool and am wondering what I’m going to use it for going forward.  I’m also wondering whether there are any other use for such an easy, email driven way of managing web content.

One thought on “Playing with Posterous

  1. Hey, thanks for using posterous. Thanks for writing about us. Personalization and custom domains are on their way in the coming month!

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