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  • Explaining Eventstreams

    As I have mentioned a couple of times recently Stefan and I have embarked on a pretty ambitious side project based on a number of ideas I have had over the last couple of years about using the web to support events and conferences. As you would expect the roles have split pretty cleanly down […]

  • End of EventVue

    Over the weekend I read about the end of EventVue first on the CrowdVine blog, then the very honest post-mortem from EventVue themselves and then finally Techcrunch. In fact as is often the case they appear to have gained more publicity by closing down than they ever got when they were in business! EventVue were […]

  • Mobile Roadie: DIY iPhone App for your event

    I wasn’t at LeWeb last week – it has never been one of those events that has appealed to me and the bad press it got last year certainly didn’t do much to change that opinion.  It seems to have been more warmly received this year though and one of the real hits was Mobile […]

  • Eventgineering: getting wifi right at events

    Anyone who has read this blog for a while will know I am fascinated by the way events have been changing in the last few years.  The rise of the unconference, live streaming and the backchannel are all elements I have written about before and I firmly believe we are only at the start of […]

  • eventstreams idea

    This is an idea I’ve been playing with for a long time – I shelved it for a while after being so impressed with Mikes’ onetag.org but recently I’ve been thinking about it alot – especially after a conversation with Theo led to him hacking the SweetTweet code to create a pretty functional version of […]