End of EventVue

Over the weekend I read about the end of EventVue first on the CrowdVine blog, then the very honest post-mortem from EventVue themselves and then finally Techcrunch. In fact as is often the case they appear to have gained more publicity by closing down than they ever got when they were in business!

EventVue were initially a white-label, event specific social network system. It was a very similar offering to CrowdVine (which I’ll admit was the system I preferred and evangelised in my little corner of the world) but well thought of and like Tony says on the CrowdVine blog came about too soon after CrowdVine launched for it to be a copycat. I’ve always thought this was an interesting space but have never been sure there was enough demand to build a successful business around it (though CrowdVine seem to have done so!). It appears EventVue became convinced of something similar themselves and starting looking to re-focus their offering into something more profit focused. If I’m honest I’m not sure I understand the purposed of the Discover app they mentioned and the switch to ‘real-time conversations for events’ – basically a Twitter stream around hashtags doesn’t seem that compelling on its own (it appears to essentially be less functional than the open source Guardian Twitterfall and that sort of thing that a decent team could put together in a weekend..let alone the sort of things Mike has planned for Onetag.)

It is always sad to see a startup fail – especially when it is in a niche I think is interesting but I’m sure the team involved will bounce back – they obviously have talent. I still think there is mileage in a business built around the digital elements of events but I increasingly see that as services based around support for open source and third party tools rather than a startup. Maybe someone will come up with something compelling but I can’t see it at the moment (though some kind of next-gen listings engine to replace the creaky Upcoming would be useful!)..