myWeek (s4e12)

Burned or burnt man This was quite a week one way or another. To start with dear readers, some advice. Do not try to read Slack on your phone while also carrying a large pan of recently boiled pasta water — this can lead to accidents and a badly burned/burnt/scalded foot. Ouch. There has been some limping this…… Continue reading myWeek (s4e12)

Weeknotes S3e08

Still in firefighter mode this week a lot of the time but really started to feel like I was making some impact across the board — was hard work but really felt worthwhile. Also found myself using ‘we’ when talking about Defra which is a pretty big moment. I think part of the positive feeling was I…… Continue reading Weeknotes S3e08

[book report] Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson don’t enjoy watching US sports. I’ve tried. I’ve been to live baseball, ‘football’, basketball and ice hockey games in the States but never really clicked with them. I am however endlessly fascinated with the culture of US sports. The relationships with colleges, the ‘draft’, the collective bargaining & salary caps and more than anything…… Continue reading [book report] Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson

The 3 Cs: Capability, culture and communication

A few years ago now I started to use this idea of the 4Ps to define my approach to my work — it looked something like this → People — Upper management buy-in, digital residents (not natives), critical friends, (access to) multi-disciplinary teams. Processes — agile with a small ‘a’, lean minus the sleaze, access to decision makers. Platforms — flexible infrastructure, a…… Continue reading The 3 Cs: Capability, culture and communication