Weeknotes S3e08

Still in firefighter mode this week a lot of the time but really started to feel like I was making some impact across the board — was hard work but really felt worthwhile. Also found myself using ‘we’ when talking about Defra which is a pretty big moment.

I think part of the positive feeling was I got to spend a decent amount with the team this week including a couple of brief pub stops after work as well with different people. I’ve said before how much I define myself by my relationship with my team and I am part of a great one again — but the geographical challenges and the amount we have going on means it is easy to lose sight of that a bit.

The the other thing that started to clarify for me this week is I started to get a feel for the kind of role within the organisation I want to work towards. Not immediately — there is a lot I need to learn and what I am doing now is the perfect way to gain that experience but I’m starting to see how I could fit in long term.

The big happening this week though was Agile in the City Bristol where I was giving a talk, Emily ran a workshop and Dan from EA did a fab lightning talk. Plus we were sponsors with a stand (thanks Zak for the TV!) where we were promoting the work of Defra Digital and some vacancies we have at the moment. I thought it was a real success to be honest — there was lots of interest in Defra and in the jobs — lots of great conversations. I think it is still unusual enough for an organisation like us to be at an event like that for there to be a bit of curiousity if nothing else! Emily had probably the most oversubscribed session of the two days and my talk went down pretty well. So yay us.

Oh and happy birthday Colin!

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