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  • NaBloPoMo 01 → 30

    My #NaBloPoMo contributions from most read to least. Nobody is interested in my comic book or graffiti ramblings — nor Stormzy it seems! I also did a bonus post that just linked to every bodies ‘This is how I work..give or take’ post which actually makes it 31 (and I guess this makes it 32!) and that […]

  • [book report] Rise Up: The #Merky Story So Far

    I’m a fan of Stormzy. I remember seeing the ‘Shut Up’ freestyle on YouTube. All aggression, Adidas and lyrics. I loved it. Which was actually more surprising than you might think as I never really liked Grime — the only artist I ever really rated was Kano. My tastes too ingrained in that NYC version of rap. […]

  • Comics catch-up…

    My to-read pile of comics next to my main chair has become so high it is structurally unsound so I thought I had better work through it a bit and add a few reviews here as part of #NaBloPoMo — the pile is still pretty high and I have more to collect from Excelsior so there might […]

  • My Every Day Carry

    Now I’m back on a daily commute I’m trying to travel a bit lighter and keep things to the bare necessities — which do seem to be a bit more than bare these days! I love the Peak Design Sling — I think it was designed to be a camera bag but it is a real Tardis of a […]

  • It doesn’t have to be crazy at work

    This the latest book from Basecamp founders DHH and Jason Fried. A few years ago they penned a pretty influential tome called ‘ReWork’ which effected a whole generation of start-up founders, small business owners and pretty much anybody involved in an internet related business. This seems to be seeking a similar place in the hearts […]