My Every Day Carry

Now I’m back on a daily commute I’m trying to travel a bit lighter and keep things to the bare necessities — which do seem to be a bit more than bare these days!

I love the Peak Design Sling — I think it was designed to be a camera bag but it is a real Tardis of a bag (bigger on the inside!) and looks great.

I’ve recently switched to the iPhone SE as the larger phones (like my recent purchase of the Nokia 7 Plus) were increasingly uncomfortable and the advantages of the big screen were less than the pain. It is weird using an iPhone after so long (I think a 3S was the last I owned). I am actually still carrying my Nokia in the bag as it actually makes for a decent camera when I see some nice street art — or taking pictures of my bags content 🙂

At home I use a Pixelbook but at work I use a new MacBook — it has its flaws — especially the lack of ports — but it is still a lovely machine. Light, sharp screen, reliable OS (after my Ubuntu nightmares) and my beloved Keynote!

I’m thinking about upgrading to the new Paperwhite — its a little lighter and waterproof but not sure whether it is worth it — what is for sure is I don’t leave home for more than an hour or two without it.

Noise cancelling headphones are a bit of a no-brainer if you spend three hours a day on public transport and work in a windowless open plan office. I have two pairs of Sony headphones — these are the more expensive pair but I am now using them daily as I broke the others on a recent flight 😦

I take my own Post-Its and whiteboard markers as I work with public sector clients and I can’t deal with all the cheap knock-offs! Same with the Sharpies.

I buy Pilot Frixion Erasable Rollerball pens by the dozen — I lose pens pretty consistently but love these pens so they are worth the investment.

I have stopped buying nice notebooks though — I basically just grab whatever knock off Moleskine thing is available as swag at events etc — we have some quite nice Notbinary ones as well but I misplaced my last one.

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