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  • My Every Day Carry

    Now I’m back on a daily commute I’m trying to travel a bit lighter and keep things to the bare necessities — which do seem to be a bit more than bare these days! I love the Peak Design Sling — I think it was designed to be a camera bag but it is a real Tardis of a […]

  • Busman’s Holiday: Ethical Tech Summit in NYC

    I spent Saturday (20/10/2018) at the Thoughtworks offices on Madison Avenue attending the #ethicaltechsummit organised by David Ryan Polgar. I had caught wind of the event on Twitter and it sounded up my street and I always like to visit New York in ‘Fall’ so I decided to take another ‘busman’s holiday’. Understanding the problems […]

  • Year of the Dog: White Dew

    bái lù 白露 Slightly disrupted couple of weeks due to a combination of bank holiday, events, bomb scares(!) and ill health. Still a few things to report on (warning this is a total brain dump from a man dosed up on Lemsip Max!): Sent in proposal for a piece of work I am really keen on […]

  • Tab tales

    I’ve been ill and essentially housebound all week — so here is a list of things I’ve been reading to pass the time between Netflix/Amazon shows. [01] ‘City Innovation Brief’ is a new quarterly publication from Future Cities Catapult on things ‘smart’ cities — worth a read if that is your bag. [02] This collection of links and resources […]

  • It’s not me, it’s U(buntu)

    I start my new job at mySociety on Monday. I’m sure to be writing a lot about that in the days/weeks/months to come but one of the cool things about it compared to other places I have worked before was that I got the opportunity to pick my own laptop (within a quite generous budget — which […]