Pair presenting

It is fair to say I am the very embodiment of ‘pale, male and stale’ — a 45 year old white bloke who perhaps likes the sound of his own voice a little too much. I am at least self aware enough to realise this 🙂 In recent years I have been doing quite a bit of public…… Continue reading Pair presenting

2017 ambitions

I tend to write something about my ambitions for the coming year — not really resolutions or even plans — just things I think I’d like to do and would probably be a good idea for one reason or another. This year I decided to read through the last few years worth and see if there were any themes…… Continue reading 2017 ambitions

Words and slides

When I am not in meetings I spent an increasing amount of time in Keynote these days doing, as I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, my ‘Asylum Pictures’ version of Russell Davies. Writing talks, drafting team principles, presenting roadmaps all seems to happen via the medium of presentation software. Today I have been working on something…… Continue reading Words and slides