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  • The great Mastodon migration of 2018

    Dan has written a lovely post about his mixed feelings about Twitter these days. It says everything I would like to say about the topic more eloquently than I would be able to but basically it comes down to this for me → My corner of Twitter is lovely. I have a great community that […]

  • Words about the Web of Words

    thinking out loud about an event about thinking out loud 62 people have responded to my survey to see if there is any interest in my idea of a conference about blogging your work/life in the pursuit of openness, transparency and basically thinking out loud. One way or another it seems like there is probably enough […]

  • Premature exasperation

    The last 48 hours my Twitter stream has been all a flutter about two things — the expansion of Twitter character limit to 10,000 which is significant inflation from the existing 140 and the next iPhone replacing the standard headphone something with some thing more Apple shaped and non-standard. Honestly I’m not much of a fan of […]

  • 99 Problems but a tweet ain’t one

    This was an interesting week to be a geek and a Jay-Z fan. Not only did he release his new album Magna Carta…Holy Grail (the artwork for which was available as a preview at Salisbury Cathedral) but he also got involved in a couple of stories of more interest to the tech blogs than the […]

  • Twitter time travel

    Unlike some of my peers I never bothered making any kind of backup of my Twitter activity. I’ve treated it as something disposable for the most part – with anything with staying power surfacing elsewhere (usually here on this blog.) That said curiosity got the better of me and when Twitter offered the chance to download […]