Premature exasperation

The last 48 hours my Twitter stream has been all a flutter about two things — the expansion of Twitter character limit to 10,000 which is significant inflation from the existing 140 and the next iPhone replacing the standard headphone something with some thing more Apple shaped and non-standard.

Honestly I’m not much of a fan of either idea but here is the thing — at this moment in time neither thing has actually been announced by anyone official at either company. In fact both rumours feel like they have been carefully leaked by PR companies to judge user/consumer reaction — it all feels a bit too staged.

The fact there is already a petition about the iPhone stuff before it has even been announced seems premature to say the least — isn’t there enough actually happening like right now to get wound up about rather than something that might happen sometime down the line?

Anyway I figure I’ll bide my time and wait for a time we start getting wound up about pre-rumours before I jump in.

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