Farewell old friends (reunited)

So Friends Reunited is closing down. Really did anyone really know it was still going? It had long since been superseded in the public consciousness by Facebook — hell probably even by Peach. I remember happier times for the Friends though. At the turn of the naughties before social media was anything more than a twinkle in…… Continue reading Farewell old friends (reunited)

Premature exasperation

The last 48 hours my Twitter stream has been all a flutter about two things — the expansion of Twitter character limit to 10,000 which is significant inflation from the existing 140 and the next iPhone replacing the standard headphone something with some thing more Apple shaped and non-standard. Honestly I’m not much of a fan of…… Continue reading Premature exasperation

Pimping Postling

Just a short post to say after considerable research and alot of false starts I have finally settled on a replacement for CoTweet. I originally wrote about this back in February and since then have experimented with a few tools but none quite fitted our needs. Either they were too expensive, too complex or both!…… Continue reading Pimping Postling