Pimping Postling

Just a short post to say after considerable research and alot of false starts I have finally settled on a replacement for CoTweet. I originally wrote about this back in February and since then have experimented with a few tools but none quite fitted our needs. Either they were too expensive, too complex or both!

Since we upped our social media output recently though I decided a replacement tool needed to be a priority and I came across a link to Postling while searching blogposts covering the same post-CoTweet dilemma.

Postling is not free but it is genuinely decent value for money and it has a decent feature set and covers all the social media channels you would expect. In fact if anything I think it covers too many! It has some basic but useful analytics and crucially, for us at least, the ability for multiple team members to manage a single account.

It even automatically synched with our custom mrc.io Bitly links which was a nice bonus and has a decent scheduled posts function which is extremely useful.

Some of the terminology is a little odd and it takes a few minutes to get used to the interface but it is much more intuitive than CoTweet was.

It does seem to be very much confined to the desktop for now but for our work Twitter/Facebook client that is fine.

All in all I’ve been very impressed and would recommend it as a product to check out (especially for public sector folk with limited bugdets!)

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