Amp’d Conference 2.0

Over the last few months I’ve spent alot of time thinking (and reading ….) about this whole ‘amplified conference’ idea – and especially in the last few weeks its been something of an oasis of web 2.0 fun in a desert of mundane web 1.0 activity!

Both Brian Kelly and Andy Powell (sometime together) have been doing some interesting things around this and people as illustrious as Dave Winer (the rather grumpy ‘creator’ of RSS) have been talking about similar concepts.

Anyway like Andy recently mentioned on his blog sometimes you have to stop talking (or writing) about things and just get on and do them.  Apart from his unhealthy fondness for SecondLife Andy tends to talk sense!

So anyway it looks like I’m going to put JISCs money (though it has to be said we are sticking to free services!) where my mouth is try some of these concepts out at a JISC event or two (even though I am technically at HEFCE at the moment!) – culminating in a whole heap of activities around the JISC Conference.

Anway these are some of the ideas I’m currently scoping out:

– live microblogging from sessions to a combined Twitter feed
– live (and recorded) video streaming using either Mogulus or uStream – no SecondLife feed from me though!
– ‘near live’ blog summaries of all the sessions (this went down well last year)
– an event specific social network (using something like Ning or Crowdvine)
– all presentations posted on Slideshare (and an attempt to create live ‘slidecasts’ of all presentations)
– a conference wiki (though not sure what for at the moment!)
– a conference ‘backchannel’ chatroom (not 100% convinced on this one – I’ll be honest)
– adding pictures to Flickr as we go
– GoogleMap mashups of who is coming from where (not really much more use than the delegate list but could be fun!)
– offline podcasts with speakers – recorded on the day
– using Yahoo Maps to create one RSS feed based on multiple searches and existing feeds
– creating one final ‘portal’ that aggregates all this info into one place (thinking about using the JISC-funded Iugo)

Obviously we’ll make sure the event tag is publicised early and often..anyway I’m looking forward to working on these concepts and it fits in with some wider thinking I have been doing lately about wider issues of using technology to enhance communications and marketing activities – something I keep threatening to blog about but haven’t quite got their yet.

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