All change..again!

Well that was quite the adventure, or not!  Two months into freelance life is has become abundantly clear that its not for me – in fact its already started to add more stress to my life than I’m happy with.   The work I have been doing has been interesting and fun but the tasks that come hand in hand with freelancing like pitching, credit control and admin just do my head in!

Thankfully though I have been saved further distress by a pretty amazing opportunity that has somewhat fallen in my lap.  I have been offered and accepted a new position at Ofcom as part of their Media Literacy team.  The role includes alot of web/digital comms work as well as some event and project management (sound familiar JISC folk!).  Its a chance to work with on national and international activities on something that is more mainstream than I am used to.

Ofcom defines media literacy as “‘the ability to access, understand and create communications in a variety of contexts’” with a focus on electronic/digital media (including TV, video, radio and increasingly the internet) and they were heavily involved in the recent Byron report about the harmful potential of the internet and video games on children which got alot of publicity in the media and for which they tried some innovative ways to get their messages across rather than the standard press release.

The only downside to the job is I’ll have to be in London alot more than I’m used to – and as anyone who knows me will tell you thats not a decision I took lightly!

So in a month or so I’ll start another new adventure, one that I’m really excited about – its strange I was at JISC almost 5 years and this is going to have been my third new start in 9 months!

Hopefully it won’t make much difference to this blog – it’ll just shift to something a bit more personal maybe but I still hope to be able to continue my mild obsession with the idea of the amplified conference so I’ll cover that here as usual…

2 thoughts on “All change..again!

  1. Hey, congratulations and good luck!

    I can’t blame you on the freelancing side of things; even without the family commitments I now have, the idea of having to do all that additional admin work terrified me no end.

    Hope you enjoy the new position – certainly sounds interesting.

  2. Matt
    This blogs loss is our gain. And we are delighted you are able to join us on this exciting venture to empower people to make the most of all the opportunities the new digital world offers.

    Robin Blake, Head of Media Literacy, Ofcom

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