WordCamp UK

WordCamp UK – an unconference for users and fans of WordPress – takes place in Birmingham on the 19th and 20th of July.  It looks like it should be a good event with support from Automattic (developers of WordPress) and some pretty innovative UK users of the (more than a) blog software.

After dissapointingly realising that I won’t be able to make the 2gether08 conference this coming week I am going to try my best to make this event – plus at £35 it represents great value and not being in London means I don’t begrudge the travel!

WordPress is an amazing tool and I’m always interested to see how people find new and interesting ways to use it and this seems like a great occasion to do just that (plus I wonder if anyway will have done anything with BuddyPress yet!)

I have to be honest I’m still getting used to the idea of work-ish events over the weekend but with the current flexibility of my working week I guess it doesn’t matter much – that said if I did find myself back in a Mon-Fri, 9-5 type situation again I wonder how willing I would be to give up a weekend to these sorts of events (same for Bathcamp).  Guess I’ll cross that bridge when and if I come to it!

3 thoughts on “WordCamp UK

  1. Hmm, this sounds pretty fun and I’m thinkingish about going…weekender doesn’t sound much fun, but if there’s going to be discussion around/about Buddypress then I’d love to hear it. Been browsing the conf’s wiki and can’t find too much about what’s going to be going on yet…will have to see…

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