becoming a beanbagger..

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Beanbag Learning and offered my take on the site and how it could move forward (not that anyone had asked!).  That started a very social media style chain reaction via comments on my blog, some Facebook messaging, a handful of emails, a few beers in the 7 Stars, a quick phonecall and finally a job offer!  So starting tomorrow I will be working for Jiva Technology on Beanbag for at least a few months putting my ideas about the social web into action and trying to build an early adopter community of educators and parents based in and around Bristol (to start with).  I don’t have a job description or a title just a remit to get busy and make things happen.

Its all been a bit of a whirlwind but a very exciting one and I am very much looking forward to getting started.

The only downside is my wonderful new fullsized Moo cards came yesterday but I might not get to use them much as they don’t mention Beanbag!

2 thoughts on “becoming a beanbagger..

  1. Cool! Well done mate. I read yr post about Beanbag Learning… sounds like an ace project. Celebratory beers soon I reckon…

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