Learning 2.0 update 4/9/2008

OK think I am going to try and do some kind of weekly blog post on Learning 2.0 stuff that have caught my eye as well as my usual occasional rambling blog posts.

This week has seen a couple of official ‘launches’ (well they have dropped the beta from their sites!)

The first was Edmodo, a micro-blogging tool aimed at specifically at education (and compulsorary education at that).  Now I’ll be honest I’m not sure I see the point in doing something for education when something like Pownce could do the job just as well but its a very nice site that is well thought out, has a cool, usable design and is genuinely a boot-strapped start up by members of the community for the community so I wish them nothing but luck.

Also this week was the official launch of School of Everything (who I have written out more than once!) which included a nice design refresh and a launch party at Channel 4.  The biggest news for them though was that they were covered by BoingBoing – which I think is the 2nd most read blog in the world so I imagine they had quite the traffic spike!

Today Techcrunch UK continued its summer trend of guest bloggers with an education focus with a post by Luke Mitchell, managing consultant with Reach Students, titled Three to watch in the student space.  This was very interesting and I’ll be looking much more closely at yougofurther and groupspaces this weekend and will hopefully write a bit more about them then.

I’ve also been trying to keep an eye on the OUs SocialLearn project which I am really interested in for all sorts of quite obvious reasons given my work interests and last week Martin Weller was named Director.  While I don’t know Martin I have read his blog for a while and followed him on Twitter and he seems to really know his stuff so that bodes well for the project.  In fact the OU seems to have attracted alot of really switched on people as far as social web and education is concerned – kind of makes me wish they were based in Bristol!!

3 thoughts on “Learning 2.0 update 4/9/2008

  1. Shucks Jukesie… all of us here at the OU love you too. We will be sharing the SocialLearn love at BathCamp, bringing a little bit of the OU closer to the western shores.

  2. Matt, I wanted to thank you for writing about Edmodo. I just wanted to let you know why we decided to build Edmodo. There are a lot of concerns about the privacy of students with using online apps and with that twitter and pownce fail and are not the ideal solutions. A lot of educators love these apps but have reservations when using them with students. We hope to be the solution to turn to for these teachers. 🙂 Once again thanks!

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