NMC 2009 Horizon Report

ishot-70This years Horizon report from the New Media Consortium and Educause Learning Initiative is online now.  I haven’t read it cover to cover as it were yet but first impressions are its not the most ground breaking set of emerging technologies to focus on- I mean focusing on cloud computing and mobile technologies is a little dull – not to say they aren’t important technologies for education but they are the sort of thing I could come up with!  I get the impression that maybe they have taken a few less risks with their predictions here than they might have been in the past as even the predictions for four to five years in the future seem, at least to me, to have every chance of breaking through well in advance of those timescales.

I think the most impressive thing about this years report is the use of the CommentPress theme for WordPress (that was developed by the Institute for the Future of the Book – though currently the theme seems unavailable for download will track it down – *update* see Stephs comment) and is favoured by Steph Grays team at DIUS for consultations.  Its a wonderful theme to use for this sort of large document and this is a really nicely crafted implementation of it.  Its no easy job taking a large document originally written for a print publication and making it into something that is web native (despite what many managers might think!) and resisting the urge to just stick a PDF up for download deserves praise.

Another nice touch (though I guess we shouldn’t expect anything less but I’m still almost always surprised) is that the report has been released under Creative Commons.

I’ll leave the deep analysis of the document to those smarter than me but I’m impressed with the presentation and thats me all over – style over substance every day of the week..

3 thoughts on “NMC 2009 Horizon Report

  1. Thanks for the post on the Horizon Report. A typical misconception is that the report is intended to highlight cutting edge things for people in the field of emerging technologies- it is writen to identify ones that will approach *mainstream* adoption (crossing Rodger’s innovation chasm from early adopters, ~ 20%).. so if you are someone that looks a lot at emerging tech, it may seem ho-hum.

    It is for your administrator who just heard about twitter, the teacher down the hall who is just thinking about getting into blogging….

    Looks like the Institure for the Future of the Book has been updating their web site for a while; I have a pristine version of CommentPress at http://web.nmc.org/files/commentpress-141.zip

  2. Matt says:

    Ah thanks for that. I’ve certainly been working under that misconception but its hardly the first time I’ve been wrong 🙂 It makes much more sense if its aimed at a more mainstream, less early adopter audience. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Thanks for the link to Commentpress as well, I’ll download a version for myself and point it out to the web team at JISC for their WPMU setup..

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