Big Brizzle Barcamp?

We love a festival in Bristol – whether its a Festival of Ideas, a Harbour Festival, a Film festival, Music festival…heck we even have an Interesting Games festival and on one of my looooooong bus rides home from work recently I wondered what what a mix that love of festivals and a barcamp might look like?

There were alot of ideas bouncing around in my head for this one; Pete introducing me to the idea of Seed16 events, the new(ish) Coexist project at Hamilton House, a long held desire to run an event at the Full Moon Backpackers and Attic bar, memories of reading about the Barcamp Blockparty in SF a couple of years ago, the amazing public art gallery that Stokes Croft has become thanks to the PRSC and the success of the Bristol Twestival – particularly in attracting a bit of a different crowd than usual.

In my head I have this picture of a multi-venue (around Stokes Croft), weekend event where the programme is on Turbo Island on some massive blackboard and those who want the whole overnight Barcamp experience could crash at the Full Moon.  Some kind of Saturday night party is a no-brainer and its not like there is a shortage of venues in the area..[@libbymiller has also ponted out that the Cube cinema can be hired as well – thats another amazing venue]

I particularly like the idea of doing something like this away from the waterfront and the docks.  I love that area as much as anyone but I think Stokes Croft represents a different Bristol – one that is maybe a bit more relevant to the idea of a self-organising event like a barcamp..

Anyway this is all pretty much just in my head and I’m not exactly volunteering for anything here!  Something like this would need a pretty sizable crowd to make it work as well as a fair bit of sponsorship and would be a monster to organise.

Even if something of this kind of scale isn’t possible I still think Stokes Croft would be a great place for Barcamp and that Hamilton House would be a brilliant venue.

7 thoughts on “Big Brizzle Barcamp?

  1. This sound like a sweeet idea! My neck of the wood as well!
    If this forms into anything more than a ‘plan’ then get in touch…I’ll help out where I can…

  2. Sounds good Matt, like the away from waterfront idea 😀 With such a size comes the pain in the arse issue of sponsorship. I fear companies will be holding on tight to their pennies this year 😦 but I think appealing to a greater range of people may solve that problem. Am also v.interested in seed16 event and how it would play out around Bristol 😉

    Right .. Go on then .. Get organising 😛

  3. I didn’t even notice mate so no worries – not used to people reading let alone commenting on this blog – its all a bit of a shock 🙂

  4. Matt,

    Great idea (both doing another BarCamp Bristol and taking it away from the Waterside).

    You might want to give Laura Francis a shout – she did most of the organising of BarCamp Bristol 1 (I helped a bit) back in 2007, and may be able to offer pointers etc.



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