Working on West of Interesting

So every since I wrote about maybe doing a Big Brizzle Barcamp I’ve been thinking about doing an event in Bristol, specifically around Stokes Croft, and what that would entail and what it might look like.  At the same time I’ve also been playing around with WordPress again and looking into self hosting and playing around with more plug-ins and the enormous amount of free themes available.  Plus as anyone who has looked at this blog in the last few weeks will have seen I’ve been thinking alot about events again in general.

The combination of all these thoughts plus an unexpected burst of energy post the Bank Holiday has led to launch of West of Interesting – a website for a potential event this summer that uses the Interesting format rather than a traditional Barcamp (which I think Bathcamp has covered locally).  This would entail people speaking about subjects they are passionate about but not really the kind of thing they’d usually expect to talk about in public for work.  The talks are short (between 5 and 20 minutes) and usually its a one stream event with a rapid, DIY feel to the organisation.  Also the less techy topics tend to help with the gender split as well as the fact I think its a better fit for the area.

I have a great big list of things I’d love people to speak about but I’ll keep that to myself.  I think one of the great things about Twitter is that you get an insight into all the other passions of the people you follow and it tends to be a pretty fascinating mix.

I have a venue in mind (well 2 actually) and I’ll spend a bit of time gauging interesting in the idea of it looks like its a goer I’ll start putting a plan together as well as trying to get some co-conspirators on board..

3 thoughts on “Working on West of Interesting

  1. Matt says:

    Pete – you are already on my list of people to try and drag into this if it gets a head of steam so thats good to hear 🙂

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