Long Goodbye – 20th July 2009

So my last day at Jiva will be July 20th and as to all intents and purposes this is also the most appropriate time to mark my leaving Bristol (that will happen in stages over the next several months but I certainly won’t be around much Monday to Friday) so I thought I would make it an open invitation to anyway who fancies a few beers on a school night (and maybe the odd over priced Rum!) and the occasional geeky conversation. The Jiva crew will be out and I’m hoping to tempt a fair few of the JISC Comms gang to come out and anyone else is more than welcome.

The plan is for a quick pint in the 7 Stars as that was after all where I was interviewed for this job at Jiva 🙂 then move on to the Old Fish Market – a pub that I love as not only does it serve great beer and show sport but it also serves lovely, pretty authentic Thai food! The final stop will be the very chic Rummer hotel. I have created a little Google Map below if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about but if you do fancy a little drink then the more the merrier.

4 thoughts on “Long Goodbye – 20th July 2009

  1. Monday! What sort of day is that to leave? Oh well I guess a couple of JISCies will stumble down… 🙂

  2. It is because its pay day for Jiva! Plus a few people can’t make Fridays so one school night is as bad as any other I reckon 🙂

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