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There are alot of sites springing up these days that aim to be your ‘home’ on the web and aggregate your content from elsewhere into one place that you can point people at. The Google Profiles do something similar but are, lets be honest, pug ugly even by Google standards and I also looked at and OnePage recently without really getting sucked into them. Now doesn’t really offer any different functionality to these other options – in fact I think if I had a close look I’d find that it offers a little less if anything – but the thing is it is just so damn pretty and easy to use. Seems to me that a site that just aggregates your content from elsewhere had better bring something to the party and brings the style. I only wish that they offered the blocky style backgrounds of their homepage as themes!

My only complaint is that the domain name is a bit rubbish – sounds like it should be a personalised cooking site or something! That said I liked my page enough to point my personal domain to it and have used that on the new Moo Cards I ordered today so I hope they have enough funding to keep going at least til I run out of cards!

So cheers HiiDef – lovely bit of work.

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  1. Matt, I love this review! Very honest and to the point, just like my grandfather was, haha.

    We’ve spent over a year perfecting every pixel, and now we’re focusing on getting the basic platform solid before releasing a ton more features.

    The vision for Flavors is to for it to become a powerful data visualization tool, manipulating your online data into many different forms. The layouts we offer now now are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Thanks again for the comments and feedback, much appreciated! Email me anytime with questions or comment.

    Jack Designer

  2. Thanks for the comment Jack – it really is a lovely little app and after seeing your page I have tweaked my own! I love the idea of it being a data visualisation tool – I think there is all sorts of scope to do really interesting things in that area – I love the stuff do as well..

    Good luck with it – I’ll be watching it closely – especially as it is now essentially my homepage.

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