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Like most Fridays last night I was out for a couple of beers (I can tell you are all shocked!) but this time it was a little different. Despite having followed each other since the pretty early days of Twitter, worked for the same people within weeks of of each other, been based at the Hub at the same time in theory briefly and having very similar interests work wise last night was the first time I had met Ed Mitchell (@edmittance). I also met Mark Wheatly (@grumpymandj) for the first time and was joined by Nic Alpi (@spyou) who I have met a few times now but originally ‘met’ on Twitter before he joined Jiva as well as Stef Goodchild (@stefangoodchild). It was a good night full of geeky chats and Ed and I particularly covered an awful lot of common ground in ideas for events that would have taken forever 140 characters at a time – hopefully something a bit more concrete will come out of that in the near future. Mark is also to blame for my getting the phrase ‘fuck buttons‘ stuck in my head. Apparently its a Bristol band – check them out!

When my head started to clear this morning I got to thinking about my Twitter ‘community’ and just how many people I had actually met in a face to face setting and how many other people there were there that I’ve only known via Twitter. So using Tweetake I download all the people I follow as a CSV file and did a quick, rough analysis.

Out of the 554 accounts I follow I reckon I have properly met 140 of them. When you drop a few company or ‘robot’ accounts I reckon it is almost exactly 25% of the list I know in real life as it were. This percentage would have been very different a couple of weeks ago before I unfollowed 200 plus people but at the moment I am finding this number of people OK.

Of the people I haven’t met yet there are some people that I really would like to meet and share a beer/cuppa with and that I feel I should start looking to rectify quite quickly. Also there a number of others that some work events in the coming months that will provide opportunities to meet. There are some people I have been having Twitter conversations with for years and they live in the same city as me and I have never arranged to meet up with them – that is just rubbish and I have decided that 2010 is the year of Twitter Live!

I don’t know what suits other people but I intend to get up to a ratio of nearer 50% by the end of the year while sticking to a similar number of people I follow hopefully. Haven’t quite worked out how I’m going to achieve this but I think as well things like Bathcamp and Ignite there might be a call for a few more random Tweetups from my direction this year.

So anyway if you are reading this blog post and came here via Twitter (which most of my traffic seems to!) I’ll hopefully meet you sometime soon.

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  1. now that would be a metric – not an analysis of how many times you are re-tweeted or the proportion of follows to following etc. but how many of the people you follow you know. nice.

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