Joining the Cult of the iPhone

So after much fuss and nonsense I eventually gave in to the inevitable and got myself an iPhone. To some extent I remain a little annoyed at myself (especially as Vodafone announced both the Nexus One and the HTC Desire only days after I ordered it!). But no crying over split milk, what is done is done and to be honest it is a great gadget.

I will not actually be using it much as a phone for the time being – I haven’t swapped my number to it and am happy carrying my tiny little Nokia just for calls for the time being so it is essentially going to be an internet device which seems to suit it just fine.

I have added a number of apps already but the selection is pretty daunting so I’ll stick to recommendations via Twitter for the time being I guess. So far I have added;

Tweetie – this doesn’t seem to be flavor of the month with my Twitter community anymore but I still like it after trying it out on my iTouch in the past.
Facebook – yep I still use Facebook. A great deal actually – I can see all the issues that everyone has with it and for the most point I agree. That said as long as so many of my friends and family are on there it is a must.
Sky Sports Football Centre – getting the footy results when I am out and about is a must!
Spotify – I’ve had a bit of a pointless Premium account since the Coventry disaster so this seemed like a no-brainer. The off-line sync is a bit of a drag though so far.
The Guardian – lots of folk have recommended this app and the Guardian is perhaps unsurprisingly my main newspaper so another no-brainer.
Comixology – Still undecided about online comics but I am warming to the idea and this app has a great deal to do with that.
6 Nations – was out yesterday and needed to keep a track on the rugby – this did the trick but not sure it was that great.
Plants vs Zombies – No idea about this @laurakalbag told me to get it so I did – she seemed to know what she was talking about.
Angry Birds (Lite) – Mike (@m1ke_ellis) is a big fan of this one and having just had a play I can see why – pretty sure I’ll be on the paid version by Tuesday!
Launchball – another one of Mikes recommendations – wonder why! I haven’t looked at it yet.
B-Boy Beats (Lite) – Haven’t spent any time on this one either but Mobile Pie are local and they developed it so thought I would give it a go.
WordPress – I am trying to be more active on my blog and this seems like it ‘might’ help. We’ll see.
Plancast – I am working on a big event idea at the moment with a couple of folk and have been wondering whether Plancast could ply a role so have a closer look at it.
Evernote – In theory this has always appealed to me but a short trial just using the web app didn’t really click with me. Have high hopes for it as a mobile online memory though.
Tube Deluxe – I am rubbish in London and am there a great deal. Figured this might help!

So is this a decent start? Are there obvious apps I am missing?

One thought on “Joining the Cult of the iPhone

  1. 1. Well I’m a big fan of TweetDeck, so I’m using that for Twittering…
    2. If yr into taking snapshots thebn I recommend Camera Plus (has a zoom) and Gorillacam (multiple shots), and also the Flickr app for uploading photos to le web…
    3. Ebay ( obvs 😀 )
    4. Trainline (have found it pretty usful when stranded and trying to make connections)
    5. The Delicious app (awesome!)
    6. IMDb for when having an argument with someone about an actor of film trivia…
    7. The Wikipedia app. Just a bit quicker than going to W via Safari…

    Prob about it for now… 🙂

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