CC Salon NYC – Open Education

I was browsing the Creative Commons website (as one does!) and was particularly taken with the idea of the CC Salons‘ – small, local events based around themes of interest to the Creative Commons community. They seem to mainly be evening events not dissimilar to what Mike does with Bathcamp and I think that is probably the way forward as they require a little less planning and alot less resources than the bigger, scarier barcamps and unconferences.

I wonder if anyone would be interested in doing one in Bristol? Just something small – maybe in a pub function room or something.

Anyway I was please to find a link to the New York Salon from March which had interesting talks from people working on P2PU and Flat World Knowledge both of which I’ve mentioned on this blog recently as projects I’m keeping an eye on in light of the OER stuff I’m involved in. It is always cool to hear from the people actually doing the work on these projects as it brings them to life a bit more so I thought I’d embed them here:

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