UKOER10 Fringe

A few weeks ago I had the idea to try and arrange a bit of a meetup in London the evening before DKs shiny showcase conference for the UK Open Education Resources programme that JISC and the HE Academy have been running. In a lot of ways the aim was to try and do something…… Continue reading UKOER10 Fringe

CC Salon NYC – Open Education

I was browsing the Creative Commons website (as one does!) and was particularly taken with the idea of the CC Salons’ – small, local events based around themes of interest to the Creative Commons community. They seem to mainly be evening events not dissimilar to what Mike does with Bathcamp and I think that is…… Continue reading CC Salon NYC – Open Education

RDFa and OER DiscoverEd

I have been quite open about my struggles with Linked Data but I have recently decided to focus on the bit of it closer to the web, the RDFa/XHTML stuff that has similarities to the microformat stuff I embraced a few years ago. Pete recently wrote an extremely helpful post over at eFoundations that got…… Continue reading RDFa and OER DiscoverEd

Collecting OERs

One of the upcoming bits of work I am pretty excited about is once again in the realm of Open Education Resources (OERs) and in particular the second element of Strand C of the upcoming programme of work ‘Enhancing the discovery and reuse of OER materials – Collections of OER based around a thematic area’…… Continue reading Collecting OERs

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