UKOER10 Fringe

A few weeks ago I had the idea to try and arrange a bit of a meetup in London the evening before DKs shiny showcase conference for the UK Open Education Resources programme that JISC and the HE Academy have been running. In a lot of ways the aim was to try and do something of a ‘fringe’ event inspired by the F-ALT gang – something that was a little more pub back room than conference centre and aimed at a more, for want of a better term, geeky audience. To be honest this is semi-unofficial – I’ve made the arrangements in my own time for the most part and have even paid the deposit for the venue out of my own pocket.

I also wanted to try and do something that had the minimal financial burden to JISC as possible to demonstrate what could be done with just a little time and a small amount of cash.

As it happens Nathan Yergler the Chief Technology Officer for the Creative Commons will be in town and also Pippa Buchanan will be popping over from Berlin to talk about the new P2PU/Mozilla Drumbeat School of Webcraft work and hopefully I’ll encourage a couple of other folk to talk or demo. With UKOER10 the next day I’m hoping a few people will be staying over the night before!

The format is going to be an informal as possible – a couple of short talks and hopefully lots of discussion and a couple of beers – if anyone reading this wants to put a bit of money behind the bar as a sponsor I wouldn’t say no (!) but it isn’t the end of the world if it doesn’t happen.

Anyway if this sounds of interest please go to the Eventbrite and signup. Details of the venue etc are on that site.