Conference Summer Season..2010

July is shaping up to be pretty busy event wise so I thought I’d just jot down where I’m going to be and why.

The first couple of things are actually the 30th June – potentially it could be three events in one day. To kick off it is the launch of bOpen – a project from Bristol City Council around opening up its data and building interesting and useful applications on top of that data. I have the inkling of an idea about opening up all the data that the council holds on sports facilities; pitches, sports centres, tennis courts including opening times, costs, availability, contact details etc and building a more accessible way into all that data. I also have the long held idea of finding a way to publish late night pharmacy information in an open way but not sure if the Council holds that data.

Almost immediately after that finishes it is time for the Clay Shirky talk. I’m looking forward to this a great deal – his previous book ‘Here Comes Everybody‘ was great even if I was already aware of most of the examples that were referenced. This time I am pretty much spoiler free and am interested to hear his new ideas – and if I enjoy it I have his book ready to pull the trigger on in my Amazon ‘cart’.

Then there is supposed to be a meetup in the Watershed Bar post talk – and apparently Clay Shirky might pop in for a beer. As far as I can tell a big chunk of my local Twitter world will be in attendance so that should be fun anyway.

On the 12th July I’m up in Sheffield helping with a workshop at IWMW. I’m doing a bit about Agile from a project manager rather than developer point of view. I did something similar recently but am reworking it to make it much more of a hands on workshop rather than just a talk.

22nd July is the big one! The UKOER10 Fringe was my idea and for the most part I have organised it in my own time and with my own money. I’m really pleased with the quality of the people coming along to speak – now I just need to push for more attendees – I reckon we are about 1/3 full at the moment.

Friday 23rd is UKOER10 proper or the Open Educational Resources International Showcase to give it its full title. I have been looking forward to this but as I am about to give up responsibility for OER as Amber is returning it might be more appropriate for her to attend. Whatever happens I’ll be around the edges of the event saying hi to folk.

Then on the 24th i am attending ORGCon – the first annual conference (I think) for the Open Rights Group. It has some interesting speakers to say the least and this is an area I am becoming more interested in so it is very much an educational event for me.

Then on the 28th and 29th of July it is the ‘Joint Innovation Forum’ a bi-annual (does that mean every two years as thats what I mean!) conference that all JISC funded projects send representatives to and we attempt to share best practice and experience across teams and programmes of work. I haven’t actually been at one since the very first one in 2003 I think so am not sure what to expect.

Blooming hell that seems an awful lot written down – going to be on the train a fair bit by the looks of it..

2 thoughts on “Conference Summer Season..2010”

  1. Sports data seems a good place to build stuff. Trying to find local swimming pools for example is way too hard. I think I found a national government run website a while back for listing sports facilities but it was so clumbsy and difficult to use. You should pitch it at the bOpen event. And there’s always FOI requests.

    As for pharmacy data, I think some NHS folks had a dataset for that at the last rewired state. Worth nudging the Rewired State folks to ask about it.

  2. The Pharmacy app that came out of Rewired State was great but the missing bit of data was which ones had late night pharmacists available and when – that data is managed locally and a nightmare to get hold of..

    The sports data one comes from running local football teams and the nightmare of trying to find available pitches and facilities – its like you need a secret handshake to find anything out! I’m going to throw it in the ideas pot at bOpen and see if any enterprising person wants to do anything with the idea..

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