[JISC] Weeknote 20/33

Week off tastic 🙂

Had an interview (we’ll see how that worked out soon hopefully), met up with various people about all manner of geeky things (including finally meeting up with Chris from Abstraktion and Sam from the Pervasive Media studio as well as catching up with some of the Delib mob..), attended the Clay Shirky talk and spent quite alot of time working on some initial plans for an event I’m doing in January (and yes even I am shocked at the forward planning on this one!).

I know it sounds like a bit of a ‘busmans holiday’ but it was much needed and I feel considerably less stressed than I had been which was pretty much the point!

Next few weeks are pretty flat out weirdly with my speaking at or just attending a number of events – this feels a bit weird giving the fact my role is a bit in limbo still and also the fact that we aren’t doing communications/marketing work going forward due to the gov ban but it should keep me out of trouble!

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