Ignite Bristol 2 #ignbrzl

Last night was the second Ignite Bristol – this one taking place at the Tobacco Factory Theatre rather than the Polish Club where I spoke at the first event. This did rather represent a general step up for the entire event – it was MUCH bigger this time with a crowd of over 200 people and the entire event felt much more established (amazing given it is only the second event..)

To some extent I felt obliged to attend as I figured if people sat through my babbling last time I should offer the same courtesy and as anyone who knows me will confirm it is rare that I travel south of the river so it was a bit of a big deal for me 🙂

The event was a spectacular success – I was initially a bit worried that some of the talks might be a little ‘pitchy’ but as it turned out there were only a couple I was a bit twitchy about and one of them was entertaining as hell.

Martin Poulter got things off to a great start with an interesting and perfectly timed talk and after that my particular highlights were Kaz Pasiecznik talking about cryptic crosswords, Paul Parry doing his ‘Literally Tsar’ schtick and Claire Scantlebury with her talk about branding tricks (even if she is an Apple-hater!)

That is not to say everyone else wasn’t great – these were just the real stand outs for me on the evening.

Particularly credit must go to the two chaps who did the Ignite Karaoke – so brave and very, very impressive (and got me off the hook from doing it as well!)

It was another brilliant opportunity to catch up with many friends and meet up with new people or meet people in real-life rather than Twitter for a change. I found the whole event a real pleasure to attend and can’t wait til the next one (where I will volunteer to speak again if selected..)

Thanks to all the organisers and the brilliant speakers.

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  1. Hi,
    Just a little amendment – my talk was on Cryptic Crosswords, not crossroads! If you enjoyed the talk and would like to learn how to do cryptic crosswords, plus find out why they’re so good for your memory, vocabulary and analytic thinking, book a place on the Bristol Folk House one-off evening workshop, ‘Cryptic Crosswords: How to Solve Them’, 6-9pm on Wednesday 4th August; book in person at the Folk House (Park Street, BS1) or phone 0117 9262987.
    For all Folk House courses: http://www.bristolfolkhouse.co.uk/courses_summerschool2010.php


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