UKOER10 Fringe #fukoer

So it is the morning after the night before, the Fringe happened and I survived. I think/hope it went well for the people who came along. I was a bit worried (as anyone who follows me on Twitter will have seen!) early on as there weren’t many people in attendance and those that were there were pretty much all JISC folk. Thankfully there ended up being a nice mix of people and Nathan and Pippa gave talks that really seemed to spark alot of conversations and a fair amount of beer was consumed 🙂

It was great to have a proper talk with Nathan from CC and finally meet Pippa after years of following her online – she gave a pretty impressive off-the-cuff talk and then an even better performance in quite a tough bit of Q&A action. The more I hear about the Mozilla Drumbeat stuff the more determined I am to get involved.

It was also great to meet Pierre – who I only started following very recently to Twitter but he is doing alot of interesting stuff and I think he could find some like-minds with my friends at Jiva which I’ll put together as soon as possible.

A particular pleasure was the fact I was able to talk to some of the people actually featured in DIY-U which I am reading at the moment – Brian Lamb, Scott Leslie and Pippa are all referenced in the book and are friends and colleagues with many other people mentioned so it was an interesting insight.

Anyway I’d like to thank everyone who attended I really enjoyed the evening and importantly I learned alot as well.

Today I expect to learn even more as I am at the official UKOER10 event – should be great.

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