[JISC] Weeknote 23/33

What a week. I think I’ll still be recovering well into week 24!

Monday I took a bit of a step into the past and spent some time with the JISC Communications team discussing my ideas about using the open ePub standard as the platform for a move from a predominately print and PDF model to something more open and interesting. I also spoke a little bit about things like Magcloud and also the idea of making any print product a ‘special edition’ particularly if it is being sent to the great and the good (this was fresh in my mind after being mega impressed with what the 8faces gang did). I was at pains to point out that I’m sure there are other options but for the time being at least on a personal level this was where I was focusing.

Tuesday I spent the day digging in to the desk study element of some work I’ve been asked to do pulling together data that will help members of the team be best prepared for some visits to see senior staff at Universities. It is a bit of an eye-opener when you really start to dig into the data and it isn’t as dull as maybe I feared!

Wednesday afternoon I had a great meeting with Mark from SimpleWeb and when we weren’t drifting off into tales of our mis-spent youths around Bristol we were discussing the really impressive suite of products they are starting to release. MediaGenius, Neighbourhood and ContactZilla all have real potential to find a decent sized audience and once they get one or two high profile users I’m sure they will take off.

Thursday was Operation: FUKOER – this had started to really stress me out if I’m honest. Something about the small scale of it and the very personal nature of the publicity gave it the feel, as someone that evening told me, of a dinner party rather than a faceless event. As always in London it had a slow start and then really seemed to go well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I certainly did and I go alot out of it on a professional level.

Friday I attended the really fantastic UKOER10. I won’t say much here as I intend to blog about it separately but suffice to say it was a very well organised event with many great speakers and a quality closing keynote. I also enjoyed spending a good few hours that evening chatting with Brian, Scott and Giota drinking a few beers and eating some wonderful Thai food 🙂

The week wasn’t over yet as I was staying over to pop along to OrgCon for the morning – the first conference for the Open Rights Group. While there were various talks and panels I was interested in attending and a few people I wanted to meet up with (though I did mainly fail – sorry guys!) the main reason I was there was to hear Professor James Boyle speak. One of the leading experts in the world on copyright he was one of the founders of the Creative Commons and a former Chair and was heavily involved in the forming of Science Commons and ccLearn to expand the remit of the organisation. He also has a reputation as a charismatic speaker. This reputation was well deserved and he gave one of the best talks I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying – plus it was totally slide and (I think) note free. I particular like the fact that he is actually a supporter of copyright – he just thinks the current implementation is wrong and ill thought out. He was also quite clear about the difference between essentially ‘stealing’ new creative works and the struggle to free up historic works from pointless copyright. Anyway it was top stuff. After a good chat with Ben from Delib over a pint at lunch I heading home for a much needed rest and time to let it all sink in.

Next week is the JISC Joint Innovation Forum (#jif10) which is the bi-annual meetup of all JISC funded projects. I’m also seeing the Jiva guys about another event that I am going to organise in my own time (I must be mad).

4 thoughts on “[JISC] Weeknote 23/33

  1. Meeting and talking with you was one of the real highlights of the trip for me. Thanks for showing me such a good time on Friday night. And kudos for pulling a stellar Fringe event together… it was perfect preparation for the following day.

    And if you ever print up a #fukoer t-shirt, you know I’ll buy one, right?

  2. Thanks Brian – it was great to meet you (and Scott and all the others!)

    I’m thinking there may be a numbered, limited edition #fukoer T-Shirt waiting for a few people in Barca 🙂

  3. Thanks for the mention and the kind words… Things are moving quickly, I’ll invite you in next week.

    Great to see you and lovely to be trapped in a pub by the rain. ahem.


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