Bringing Bettr Back

So I’ve been thinking about trying to do another event focused on the ideas of education and learning focused start-ups and just generally the way the web is effecting education.  Having recently read DIY-U and met some of the people referenced in it as well as revisiting some of the posts about the Hacking Education event Union Square Ventures ran a while back I started to sketch out some ideas for something quite different from last time.

Anyway the guys at Tutorhub have agreed to back my idea for a one-day semi formal event inspired by the format of things like Playful rather than Barcamps. The plan is to have a one stream day of pretty short talks – say 20 minutes a pop – given by people doing interesting things in this space. It isn’t going to be about pitching your business but rather sharing experiences and lessons. I’d also like to structure in time and space for some element of Q and A from the audience but I need to think of the best way to do that.

I get the impression there are enough people interested in this kind of thing to make this an interesting day with a bunch of great speakers plus a passionate and informed audience – I am rather betting on that fact I guess given the size of the venue I have taken on 🙂

I do have a wish-list of speakers I’m going to invite and have already confirmed two great people who will help set the tone for the entire event hopefully. If anyone reading this has suggestions for who they think I should invite then please do leave them in the comments or message me on Twitter.

We have provisionally booked the Conway Hall for Friday January 14th and I should be able to confirm that very shortly – so if you are interested that is the date to pencil in your diaries. It won’t be a free event but will be kept as cheap as possible – I just need to ensure that the cost of the venue gets covered and while I won’t turn down any offers of (appropriate) sponsorship I won’t be actively seeking it.

The event is going to be called Be Bettr: hacking education and we will be (re)launching the official website in the next couple of weeks which is where I will keep anyone interested up to date with progress.

This is a great opportunity for me as it brings together two of my favourites things – putting events together and the whole ‘hacking education’ idea – so I’m very much looking forward to getting stuck in to it.

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