[JISC] Weeknote 26/33

The week isn’t quite over but I’ve got a busy weekend ahead so I have jumped the gun a bit.

If last week felt quiet then I don’t really know how to describe this one – it has been like the Marie Celeste.

I seem to have spent most of the week doing the kind of admin tasks that you should really try and keep on top of as you go along but which I always allow to build up. It is dull work but it does give a nice feeling of accomplishing something when it is done.

I also made some progress with the Comms project I’m working on – a meeting with Rachel yesterday clarified a few things for me and now I have a plan of action I can get behind – need to get my survey head on and also start thinking about manipulating JISC Involve to my will 🙂

I’m also going to be doing a little thinking about how to represent the new areas of work starting in a month or so on the JISC website which will mean thinking about so IA issues and also about what information people actually expect to find on our various platforms.

Oh and I’ve got a load of links to various Gov policies and initiatives that may be JISC related to see where I can map our work across – that is going to make for some fun reading.

As far as the side projects go it is all systems go – Stef is steaming along on Eventstreams and I’ll be blogging about that this weekend. Also the new Bettr site has launched and is looking lovely so I will be pushing ahead to invite speakers and do publicity on that starting next week.

I am also thinking very hard about taking on another conference and will start polling people in private about interest over the next couple of weeks – I think it is a decent idea but need to run it by a few more people and also see if anyone is interested in bankrolling it.

On the job hunt side – I did have some positive news about a job that was previously withdrawn due to Gov cuts coming back into play so I should be interviewing for that one but everything else is still very quiet.


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